photgraphed and written by SUSANNE HÄRPFER


Terror attacks in Ukraine – time to draw attention to events originating in 2001.
In summer 2001 German embassies issued special visa permits to Ukraines and citizens of further GRU-states.
300 000 people entered Europe for visiting relatives or employees´ purposes. But apart from innocent citizens

organized crime took advantage of the travel passes.

German consulates in Nowosibirsk and St. Petersburg stated that the „Club for private leisure“ was a brothel

and offering of travels directly lead into forced prostitution. In Cologne prosecutor Egbert Bülles started off

258 investigations against illegal trafficking. The illicit traffic was enabled by official documents issued on

order of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior as well as by the Foreign Ministry.

Originally the reason for starting off the travel pass called travel assurance was to ease international

relations. Befor citizens had to guarantuee with their private savings for visitors. Whenever inviting

relatives or business partners from foreign countries Germans had to pay whenever their guests became renegade,

got ill or ended up in jail. But instead of easining the life of sound and solid citizens criminals were paved

the way into Europe.

At least Russian intelligence services FSB informed German security institutions of two Chechnyans flying into

Dresden right from Moscu in January and April 2002. These two were alleged terrorists preparing the hostage

taking in the Musical Theatre Dubrovca Northeast. According to the Russian intelligence they had warned already

in March 2003. They did not explain how come that the alleged terrorists had not been arrested already in

Moscow. The FSB did not comment either on the reason why they allowed the Chechnyans to travel back and forth.

Neither did Germany why they didn´t stop the so called travel pass befor March 2003.

United Nations photographed by Susanne Haerpfer in New York

United Nations photographed by Susanne Haerpfer in New York

In „Defusing Armageddon – Inside NEST, America´s Secret Nuclear Bomb squad“ Jeffrey T. Richelson wrote on page

153: „In December 2004 the National Intelligence Council reported that two Chechen sabotage and reconnaissance

groups „showed a suspicious amount of interest in the transportation of nuclear munitions“. The author did not

reply to my question whether this implies that there has been a much wider background than has been published

so far.
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photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

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12:07 PM GMT+0200
Did the hint in the book published by Norton referr as well to reconnaissance in respect to access to fissile

material? Did organized crime (e.g. the infamous Mogilevich group) obtain fissile material to such an extent

that they had obtained „travel assurance“ as another wording for safe-conduct? Or to put it more bluntly did

groups or individuals obtain the capability of nuclear threat to the Western Hemisphere? Is this the reason why

the papers were called assurance instead insurance to such extent that even the permission to run an issurance

company was only applied for when prosecutors already hat confiscated office files extensively.

Or did the offer of free passage serve as a cover for explaining why suddenly so many Ukrainians did appear in

Spain and Portugal id est in regions where so called “broken arrow” incidents hat occurred befor (according to

e.g. a documentary aired by public television zdf).

This could explain as well why the quote in the book referrs to a source dated back to 1996. It seems to referr

to an broken arrow indicent taken place in 1996, and the orphan sources resulting from this have been tried to

be obtained by the alleged groups in 2004. Thus a race against time and different groups has taken place, with

security NEST capabilities and expertise originating from different countries – ranging from the Ukraine,

Russia, Chechnya against organized crime and terroristic groups from the very same countries was carried out

and covered up at the same time.

The committee was established due to my 45-minutes TV-documentary. “Corpse without papers” was about the

trafficking of workers from Kazakhstan to Germany for the deconstruction of the former nuclear power plant.

photo by Susanne Haerpfer

photo by Susanne Haerpfer

This conversion into a familiy park has been propagated as ecological. Despite neglicence of adversary health

effects on the workers and exploiting illegal immigrent work force. And what is more these criminal offences

could be just the tip of the ice berg. To summarize: knowledge and material from a nuclear power plant which

was ready to produce electricity, is dismantled and exported. The overall structure can be visited daily by

everybody, and the expertise is at hand as well. A fun park for every striving terrorist.
The details and thoughts have not been reported so far and be could a second story.

„What has gone wrong?“ members of the protestant democratic party (CDU/CSU) in German Parliament asked. German

government answered that the way the activities had been carried out by the governmental institutions cannot be

explained without the “intelligence background.”

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12:10 PM GMT+0200
And information sensitive as this could only be handed to those who got the security clearance. „What has been

tried to cover up?“, fragt Dr. Hans-Peter Uhl requested (member of the CDU/CSU).
In an interview with me broadcasted by Spiegel TV in 2004 he said: „I would like to know from which town the

alleged terrorists were expelled But the Ministry of the Interior stated that the issue was investigated by the

German General Prosecutor (Generalbundesanwaltschaft) and thereby has to be regarded as a matter of secrecy.“
This took place in 2004. With the terroristic incidents taking place facing the Football Events – the perfect

moment to report about the outcome. The prosecutor at the Federal Court (Staatsanwalt beim Bundesgerichtshof)

Marcus Köhler stated to me on request: „Federal Prosecution has ended investigation into a potential

involvement with the hostage taking at the muscial theater in Moscow in October 2002 as the allegation could

not be proved. Apart from this: two of the suspects died.“

Two suspects died.
Whether they were murdered and if so by whom, where and when was not commented on. Nor on the circumstances of

their death and the further implications. Did they die due to radiation or other toxic substances or by really

natural causes?

Until now nobody so far has carried out further investigations into this matter nor reported about the fact.

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12:12 PM GMT+0200
In 2004 it was said that neither the names nor any warning were put into the SIS-system. In those days

everybody concentrated on the question why the so called Schengen Information System (SIS) could run with such

a flaw. From a todays´perspective one has to ask as well whether the suspects were listed within the SIS

standing for British intelligence as well as the Portugese one. And it has been Portugal many owners of a

travel assurance went to.

This lead to one of most extensive trials against illicit trafficking of people. And it lead to a committee of

enquiry with former Federal Minister of the Interior Otto Schily being forced to comment to the committee as

well as Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. The inquiaries led to turmoils in Parliament. The questions is why.

Ludger Volmer was called a notorious „exploiting and worsening illegal immigration“ countering with exclaiming

„you are a fanatic right wing extremist“.
The inquiry was stopped befor it could find out more. Official reason: votes and a new government. Why the new

government did not carry on was never looked into. Maybe a major mistake. As it is now that answers and valid

information is urgently requested facing the security breech in Ukraine.

It has been in summer 2001 that German embassies in Kiew, Moscow and further states of the GUS ordered to

accept the travel assurance documents (Reiseschutzpässe). Why did they do so? What made the Ministries decide

the way they did? Who had to travel, who needed to travel for which reasons? FBI reports as well as those by

the US senate mentioned explicitliy Chechnyans being involved in preparing terror attacks in September 11 th.
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