Royal Cruise ships and the freebooters of Hamburg



QE II – a life boat in stormy sea and rough weather.
Once upon a time – way back in 1995
On the way to New York.
A noble way of transportation – thus the appropriate way to present fotos and stories from travels by train, camel, elephant hot air balloon and other modes of transportation. It took about half a year to get everything right – from research to fulfillment. As a free lance journalist a chance on the one hand – a possibility to present one´s capabilities. On the other hand: investment and a period of time where no income can be generated.
The city of Hamburg presents itself very eagerly as proud host of the luxurious cruise line. But leaves working people such as a free lance journalist as I am as the odd man out. Till today my tax refund has not yet arrived. Though it the save quota for retirement days, for further investment purposes and insurance for those days when magazines postpone payment or asignments are not granted. This is the case, but the tax refund still has not arrived on my bank account.
Yesterday the ships Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth visited the port of Hamburg. I did not join the event. I´d rather chose to look for these fotos, scan them, digitize them and write these lines. Investment again. Input of time – refund – well, maybe a representative of the city of Hamburg, familiar with free lance work instead of bureaucracy might take the time to read, understand and transfer my tax refund to my bank account. Thank you “dear” authorities,