WRITTEN BY Susanne Haerpfer for publication in general interest media:

According to Wikipedia the „London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)“ is responsible for planning and organizing the Olympic Games and Paralympics 2012 in London.

The following questions I sent by e-mail to the “olympic.org”. As often there are more entities, committees, public authorities and private persons envolved than disclosed on first and second glance; I am herewith publishing my questions in addition;

As publication for itself

As first step for further research and publication

As invitation to those who might wait for being asked for further information for publication without saying so and thereby: those I don´t know I cannot contact.

“The floor is yours”
For which reasons LOCOG has been founded?

Which authority does it resp. its members have?

Who gives directives to the board resp. its members?

For how long will LOCOG exist?

Who has been funding LOCOG?

Who has ordered to put stinger&SAM/like weaponry during the Olympics

Has LOCOG the authority  to order the use of surface to air/missiles

symbolic photo by Susanne Haerpfer

symbolic photo by Susanne Haerpfer

In case the above question should be ordered with a yes, do I get it right

that a private organization with limited guerantuee and limited time of

existence&duration has the authority on British soil to use anti/aircraft

weapons, including civil airplanes

Who has come up with the proposal

Who proposed it officially

Who consented

Who objected

For how long will they be in place

Which consequences might it have

What is the command chain for bringing a plane down

For which other purposes might they be applied

Which other security forces are arround during the Olympics?

For instance personnell from Embassies.

symbolic picture photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

symbolic picture photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

If there is private and/or private personnell by Consulates and other

Diplomatic Corps Entities present, how is the interaction regulated

Who may give orders to whom

Who is acting within Great Britain as if it were foreign soil

How British soil is defined

How are exterritorial entities defined and how are they marked and visible

for whom

Drastically spoken> If a member of a Foreign Diplomatic Corps is carrying

physically, is the carried one legally and practically in that foreign

country? With which consequences? Would a physical seperation cut off the

diplomatic immunity? Following the legal logics to the end has Great

Britain been taken over by Foreign Forces?

Does the United Kingdom no longer exist, if every member of security

forces and the athletes would claim their individual extraterritorial

rights, would the nation of Britain been “de-fragmented”, so to say? And

in order to counter this “friendly take over during the Olympics”, a

scenario right from the British spooks series, LOCOG was formed? In order

that the computer equivalent of dissembling and deconstruction will be


The World Meteorological Organization WMO has been stating that there have

been seminars on liability clauses in case of adverse effects by weather

modification. According to this statement international law is regulating

that the owner of soil has the rights and the obligations for everything

that is happening above and beneath the soil. Is this correct? With which

exeptions? Like plane crashes e.g. or other adverse effects originally

caused at far away locations?

Which consequences does this have for the potential use of the

antiaircraft weaponry?

photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

What about Bond-like scenarios with false flagg attacks? Attacks carried

out by foreign nation on e.g. British soil.

Bevor and/or during the Olympics 2012 has Weather

enhancement/modification/ geo-engineering and/or comparable measures been

carried out? When, where, why, how, with which effects, where, monitored

by whom, carried out by whom? Have such measures been applied befor? When,

where, why, how, with which effects, where, monitored by whom, carried out

by whom?

Have you and/or the other members been present at the Olympics in 1972 ?

What did you see? What do you remember? Which information do you have? How

would thou describe what happened

How did you experience the time befor the massacre

Which security measures were taken, were described when by whom with which


motto picture photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

motto picture photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

How did who organize security

Was it discussed at all

Which consequences were drawn by whom, and by you

Does the Olympic Committee 72 and&or the committees _ how many did exist _

from 72 _ still exist until now with which consequences

For how long are the Olympic security forces allowed to exist

Who is in charge for controlling their dissolution

What about the past

Did the security forces which were allowed to excersize force on British

soil were dissembled

If not why not and with which consequences

Did former security personel turn into terroristic and/or organized crime


How did you find out, which countermeasures did you take, how could it

have been prevented?

Which further information do you regard as relevant for me and would like

to share?

Thank you very much in advance.