peaceful scenery at the Golden Temple of Amritzar,photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

peaceful scenery at the Golden Temple of Amritzar,photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

The current attack as well the approaching memorial day might be a cause to have a closer look at what history might tell us for the coming weeks:

On June 23 rd in 1985 passengers on board of an Air India flight died. Among the 307 passenger

victims were peace loving innocent Sikhs. Killed by terrorists of the very same religion.

They had placed a bomb on board flight number 182 on its way from Canada. (read more e.g.

On October 31 st in 1984 Sikh bodyguards of Prime minister Indira Gandhi killed the leader of the nation of India. They claimed to take revenge for having ordered to fight against their own people when having to storm the Golden Temple of Amritzar, which Sikhs had occupied.

On Octobre 29 th in 1990 radical Hindus wanted to tear down a Moslemic Mosque and erect a Temple. The small pilgrimmage town of Ajodja in Uttar Pradesch faced State of emergency. Religious war was about to be triggered off.

Regularly attacks are carried out, as revenge the deads of Ajodja.

The author (me, Susanne Haerpfer) had good luck being helt at the port of Karachi in 1996 and thus being prevented from boarding a train that was blasted by bombs; referring to Ajodja.


Sikh at the Golden Temple of Amritzar photographed by Susanne Haerpfer Sikh at the Golden Temple of Amritzar photographed by Susanne Haerpfer


A plane by Japanese Air lines JAL was not able to manouvre and collided with a mountain (last worts of the pilots according to Spiegel magazine: „we are finished“). With 520 dead corpses it was said to be the worst accident of aviation in August 1985.

On September 9 th in 1985 a stop over in Anchorage Alaska was cruel semantics for a Boeing 747 by Japan Air Lines JAL. It meant stop. Over. Alarms were blinking. The backdoor was open.

Causing SPIEGEL magazine on September 9 th in 1985 to write the article „Aus dem Lot“: 1985 faced the most casualties amongst civil aviation. (see also:

The author played with words. Referring to the airline as well to the biblical story and the chemical elements. Plumb is one possibility to translate „Blei“- being used as ammunition in attacks on airlines as well as for building an atomic bomb. „Operation plumbat“ was the code name Israeli agents applied to a manouvre to obtain nuclear fissile material illegally.

On August 19 th in 1943 the President of the United States of America Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Spencer Churchill signed a secret agreement. The magazine´s author interpreted the document as signment of a no-first-use-agreement of nuclear bombs on a mutual basis. He titled: On its way to Doomsday. 

Something is wrong in the garden of Eden“, titled Spiegel magazine on November 1985. Reporting about severe rain storms and eruptions at the Vulcano of Viti Levu.

On September 6th in 1986 a Boeing 747 of PanAm was fired at in Pakistan.

In 2010 Spiegel magazine quotes international security experts
investigating against the alleged killer and financier of terror attacks as well of Bollywood movies Dawood Ibrahim. According to them he is alleged of organizing a net reaching from Malaysia to India and Pacistan as well as to the US and Germany. (read as well: L:


Innocent Sikh citizens are effected by nuclear tests carried out in the Thar desert by e.g. Sikhs; what cannot be seen by humans made visible by effect – photographed by Susanne