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In our giddy-paced time

One news thrusts aside the other ones

Though they do belong to one another; they should be put in one context:

On August 1 st Washington Post and further international media reported that “notable power outages around the world” occurred.

Amongst them “three power grids across half of India fail in what authorities call overdrawing of the system”.

Not the same as this was for sure the cause of the black out, sending aproximately 620 million people without power.

For those familiar as well with reading dementi by bureaucracies around the world as with technology, another possibility should be mentioned – taking into notice what a week later the Department of Defense of India made public:

Indian Military tested a rocket able to carry nuclear bombs/devices on the very day of Nagasaki.

The triggering of nuclear bombs and radiated devices lead to the failure of electronic systems such as power grids. The same technology used for produce power takes it away. One technical expression for this is EMP = electro-magnetic pulse. The effect of destruction of electronics and power grids can be triggered as well without a conventional atomic bomb – but by electromagnetic interference, electronic pulses and waves; as the name says.

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