Bosnian refugee camp in Pakistan

Bosnian refugee camp in Pakistan photographed by

„Please! Do contact people! Do contact media. Tell them that we are forced to live here – in a manner we don´t want. We were used to live in an independant self defined manner, now we are forced under fundamentalist life style“, a journalistic colleague and I, Susanne Haerpfer (free lance journalist) have been told by Bosnian refugees who lived in Pakistan in a camp. We tried to do so, but in Germany no media was interested. No newspaper or magazine would report about the situation, mention the topic. I do hope that the families we met in those days were able to leave and live under better circumstances today. In case they should read this, please believe us: we tried. But our colleagues were not interested. And in those times internet was not an opportunity. Today I am posting the photos and the article as well as the message we couldn´t transport. Please accept this as a sign. Late. Hopefully not too late. And a signal. What these families were in the 90´s – other topics are today. So befor turning down a topic, remember history. Remember this story.

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