photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

Hundreds of passenger planes falling instantly simultaneously out of the sky – worldwide.

Shock and awe – terror on a global scale. 911; the next level.

Far fetched? Just the vision of a B-picture movie? Unfortunately for mankind -not at all.

The danger is real.

Its prevention is belonging to the topics of top priority of US-president Obama. The general accounting office GAO describes in the brief version on 56 pages the existing technology:

‚Airborne Electronic Attack‘

On page 24 it says:

“In 2009, DOD [Department of Defense] completed a capabilities analysis that cited electromagnetic spectrum leadership as the highest priority among 34 capability gaps identified.”

Among them is the technology of jamming. As well as:

“Electronic attack: Use of electromagnetic, directed energy, or

antiradiation weapons to attack with the intent of degrading,

neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability”, page six of the GAO report is listing up, what currently is being debated in the context of Syria.

Electronics have been confiscated from the cargo on board of the plane heading from Russia to Syria. How can one question whether they are a weapon – with their capabilities belonging to the top priority of the Pentagon.

Compared to what till today is perceived as a “weapon” in the narrow bandwidth of definition, these electronic devices are a weapon of mass destruction.

Time to tell this at home. Better explain the danger lurking, befor enemies do it.

Until now neither the President of the United States of America nor candidate Romney have explicitly warned of the danger.

Well, the voters might not look upon general accounting office´reports as the sexiest reading matter. Depends. Maybe.But:

“Hundreds of passenger planes falling instantly simultaneously out of the sky – worldwide.”

Is pretty easy to understand, or?

Hollywood as well as investigative journalism have found ways to tell a story straight.

So why not tell citizens that the technology they used on 911 for sending a last message to their beloved ones, could be misused as a weapon of mass destruction –

The “zapping” of America, as US-author Paul Brodeur put it in his book.

Hand-held devices – shaped

As mobile phones can hamper the electronics – militaries worldwide do use this technology on purpose. As articles in Janes Defence Weekly have described.

DoD, GAO and other experts call it directed energy

Whenever electromagnetic waves/fields are used against electronics,

And against humans.

As e.g. German broadcasting network N24 aired in its documentary programme a demonstration of this taser like weapon. It works on the basis of directed energy – without direct physical contact to the victim. Electromagnetic waves/fields are invisible; as x-rays are invisible. Physically spoken atomic nuclear radiation is a form of electromagnetic wave/field.

The very same way as they hamper electronic circuits they can knock out humans.

Targeted by these electronic devices, humans are either going rage;

Or fall asleep.

Some wake up again after a while; other forms lead to a heart attack or to an effect that looks like a heart attack, but is induced by this technology.

Once developed in order to take down hostage takers in an apparent non violent way, it bears the danger of taking down the nation, to take down mankind as a whole.

“Who knows, what this is”, asks Bruce Willis and holds up what looks like a cell phone. What a silly question, some viewers may have said to themselves. Or even disparage him to be a rascist; as he asks this question Nigerians in his movie “Tears of the sun”. But he isn´t. And his question is not stupid. Au contraire. As is demonstrated. The mobile device is a multipurpose weapon. It can explode as a conventional explosive device. It can be used as a trigger for a conventional IED. It can interfere and block such remote triggers. It can send a gps signal. It can guide weapons. It can stop cars. It can take down planes. And: it can take down passengers and pilots in an instant. Or slowly – torture. It feels as if a drilling machine is rammed against the brain. Or the teeth, which – as a further effect, fall out, as the gum starts to bleed and widens. From the look, from the shape one can not distinguish whether it simply is a mobile phone for phone calls or whether it emits directed energy. One can not tell. This is the reason for asking: Do you k n o w what this is? No. One can´t see it. This very same WMD is sold as a gimmick, a gadget for prominent people for “sexual pleasure”. Enabling rape without being caught – remember: electromagnetic spectrum is invisible. Sexual sniping on a large scale. Sounds like a night mare? Sounds not funny at all? Right. That´s exactly the way it is. This is, what the GAO-report is all about. This is on the agenda. Drastic, right? Did anybody n o t understand, what I have been saying? So. It can be said bluntly. And: it is a topic of highest priority. To the president of the United States. To the US. To the world. To mankind. So, why not simply speak out. Just stand up and say. My name is, and I would like to inform all citizens of a tremendous and devasting weapon. I need your help in order to prevent the next terror attack.

Simple words. Drastic meaning. For everybody. Don´t say this can´t be said. Too complicated? No. Movie producers know how to. Don´t say, it has to be kept secret in order not to inform criminals. They know already. Terrorists know, since a long time. The public should know. For the sake of life and surival and freedom worldwide.


A closer investigative journalistic look & helicopter out - photo by Susanne Haerpfer

A closer investigative journalistic look & helicopter out – photo by Susanne Haerpfer

It is this – the real Stieg Larsson is all about. The “Lisbeth Salander” of the real world experienced exactly this. The “Lisbeth Salander” in the real world suffered from experiments of this directed energy weapon on civilians. It has been used against journalists. Against investigative journalists. Under the auspices of state secrecy. Wheras it is all public. Open source. Except for these acts of violence against journalists. Victims.

It is time to speak out. In order to live. Only when kept silent, only when kept invisible, only when being not published as investigative journalist, one can be extinguished. Those who are not visible as journalists can be deprived. Civil rights. Citizenship. Deprived of freedom. Deprived of life.

Publish or perish. Is a saying among scientists. Well in our case being published again in mainstream media is a vital question. It is a question of dignity. Versus being sentenced to jail under constructed pretexts. Or even worse.

Or – by contrast – living the life of journalists in freedom. As we would like to. And have always done so. For more than 20 years. Against the spiral of silence. Living. In a self-determined manner.