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Foreign Minister Westerwelle has been asked for assistance against Mali groups by Nigeriam President Jonathan. This is reported by Deutsche Welle. Current reports portray the conflict as being Islamists against peace. Whereas another broadcast by Deutsche Welle stresses that religion is used as a pretext covering fight over mineral resources – ranging from gold to Uran

For years the people of Tuareg were poisoned by the uran mines. Radiation was hushed up, radiation damage silenced.

Thus after years the victims of permanent radiation seeked compensation.

Without reaction, without success, some decided to exercise the same violence they had faced befor.


symbolic photo by Susanne Haerpfer

According to Western media sources a fraction either turned into terrorists themselves or were defeated by them. Whereas Swiss news even went as far as accusing Western countries of forming the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists:

On September SIPRI (The stockholm international research institute) quoted the New York Times:

“This escalation involves the U.S. sponsored training of elite counternarcotic police units in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya– countries that have evolved into central hubs for the transnational trafficking of illicit goods such as cocaine, heroine and humans.”

SIPRI (The stockholm international research institute) critized:

“In the 1980s, for instance, the Nigerian Navy had an intense

equipping programme: it acquired several modern warships that were

inappropriate for Nigeria’s immediate needs. This sent the wrong signals to the

country’s immediate neighbours, especially the francophone countries, which

consequently formed a security organization outside the framework of the Economic

Community of West African States (ECOWAS).”

“In April 1996, following discussions between Commonwealth ministers, the Commonwealth agreed to follow the EU in placing an arms embargo on Nigeria, after the military junta blocked a visit to inspect both human rights and democratic reforms”, SIPRI wrote.


Sample of original Shell oil photographed by Susanne Haerpfer

Currently peasants in Nigeria are sueing Shell at court of Den Haag for having devastated and radiated the environment.

Given this background and evolving of history one has to ask whether strong interest groups fuel the conflict and try to blackmail Germany and other countries to serve their military, economical and organized crime interests. Entangling German politics and civil society into a web of organized crime under the pretext of anti-terror acts.

Is it this background evoking protest by German “Bundeswehrverband” of being “ordered in a not thoroughly thought and inresponsible way” vice head of the Association of German Bundeswehr André Wüstner is quoted.

Hopefully Foreign Minister Westerwelle is briefed well.

Independent analysis is rare. Those trying to obtain insight view on location are living dangerously.

In 2003 Germans were taken hostage in Mali.

So called “Cries for help” were a pre-text for invading Afghanistan. Thus the warning of Islamists in Mali might end up a second Afghanistan in Africa.

Maybe German government and politicians should watch Bruce Willis “Tears of the sun” and ask him for background information – as he has been there before the current conflict: