oil sample photographed by susanne haerpfer

In 1983 Stanislaw Pedrow saved the world. He decided that the computer warning of in-coming American missiles must be wrong. He did not want to start World War III. The Russian officer decided to circumnavigate the computer automatism and did a manual override. He went for not starting retaliation which would have looked like an act of aggression by the Sowiet Union costing billion of people their lives. But, instead of regarding him as a hero, cold war warriors worked on ways to exlude such a human decision. They developed computers disabling any interference by mankind: the road to destruction. When informaticians for peace discovered this, they tried to counter act their war mongning colleagues – a spiral of measures countering counter measures has been triggered off; spreading from classical war areas into civilian life. Covered up by the pretext of conversion, while doing the opposite. Under the pretext of saving citizens´ tax money one used the very same chips in nuclear weapons as in civilian production lines with fatal consequences. As far as the public portray of the catastrophe of the bp drilling station is concerned, it resembles this core of the problem. One upon a time one assumed that computer had more cabilities than humans who fail. The conclusion: computers should ensure that the environment shall be protected. Good intention catastrophically gone wrong – catch 22. Now – either way of deciding has the same potential. Informatics developed remote control,  employees came up with ways to counter act. For different reasons. Some in order to be still in control of the platform in order to save the region as once did Stanislaw Pedrow. Others for criminal intentions in order to sabotage this possibility; to counteract the counter acts led further into escalation. Summary: a conglomerate of faults and deficiencies probably led to the catastrophe. Which consequences are reasonable? Probably not asking for more control, but for different ways of production. What is right for food might be good for oil production as well: slow food makes men more bright. So why not deconstruct the super fast computer and control system? The way of the hedgehog may be a hedgefond.