Ammunition is called 9 mm para

PARA – graphs do kill

too. By sending innocent people into jail, into despair, leaving them without hope, preventing justice, finding alibi arguments for not making modes of transport safer, for prolonging nuclear radiation, for approving dumping of salaries and toxic waste, for finding elegant words for robbery, etc. Have studies been carried out, how many people were killed by para-graphs? By lawyers killing with words, disguising their ammo.

                                                                               von: Susanne.Haerpfer@bits.de

„Amerika ist das Land der Juristen geworden. Jeder verklagt jeden. Alle streiten miteinander. Jeder geht vor Gericht. Schließlich muß eine Dreiviertelmillion Juristen ja irgendetwas machen!“

Quote from: Michael Crichton – Nippon connection –