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Pilots covered the floor. On January 22 nd pilots first laid down their work, then themselves. In Frankfurt am Main they – together with the cabin crew – laid on the floor of Terminal 1, departure gate A.

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The visuals looked elegant and drastic at the same time.

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symbolic fotos by

It says: there will be corpses piling up if you are going on like this. You will have to burry friends if nothing changes. There will be dead unless fundamental changes will be made.

The news reported about the pilots scattered on the floor as being their protest against working conditions forcing them to be  too tired.

But there is a story behind the story. The bodies in black visualize at the same time a warning right to those who know too well which danger is lurking.

It is the highjacking of the plane without any highjacking. It is what happens when electronic circuits take over. Then, on the one hand, pilots can try as hard as they can, the flight plan computer cannot be counteracted. This serious of pilots already experienced. When serious problems occurred, they desperately tried to manually override the electronics´s steering commands – in vain. The plane crashed. First there was a stall, then a crash. Despite their skills as pilots. You can´t beat the system, could be the summary. Despite this, mysteriously it always has been a pilot being blamed whenever such fatal losses occurred. Not a single word about electronic circuits hindering them to carry out their aircraftsship. Not one word about electronic circuits ordering the parts to dis-assemble. Shortly after an accident has occurred always the pilot is accused of having failed. It is the pilot who is redundant – this is the message that is aired, whenever relatives mourn and go for liability sues. It seems that the pilot is being targeted as the scape goat for those who don´t want to acknowledge that until today they cannot foresee how the millions and millions of components interact with one another and incoming additional factors such as lightning or electronic interference from other civil and military aircraft, satellite dishes, and geo-stationary reps. orbit circling installations. Even with cray computers such as those based in the nuclear lab of Lawrence Livermore only theoretical mathematical probabilities are calculated, which interactions may take place, but the order how to react to them will be programmed according to mathematical calculated probabilities. It would need a human with enough time to counteract in order to bring the plane safely down. This was true over centuries and legends are made of this: pilots in war times were able o land even when  severely hurt. In times, when aircraft components are programmed within their limits to act accordingly to pre-programmed probabilities and priority orders, pilots neither have the time, nor the possibility to try measures which might lead to a safe landing despite the unforeseen interaction.

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communication equipment seen with a different angle by

It is this fatal reality the pilots and the picture of their protest remind of as well.

Time for departure.

In addition it is not only electronics but biological systems too, which are run on an electronic basis. Electronics not only cripple steering capabilities of a plane but also interfere with the way the body communicates and makes the human body function. Electronics are a part of keeping humans alive or switch off the systems. Any interference of what makes the body tick leads to severe disturbances. Of any human being. Passengers. And pilots.

Electromagnetic pulses can send pilots to fall asleep within seconds. Engineers and military once developed them into a so called non lethal weapons. Once they have been developed in order to have a means whenever a demonstration turns into violence. Engineers and security forces asked for a way to counteract violent demonstrators without facing a second Tianmen square. Good idea. In theory. In practice one did not reckon that physics functions always, not partially for some and for others not. Thus electromagnetic pulses not only send aggressive demonstrators to „sleep“, but pilots as well. Last consequence: the pilots really turns „redundant.“ This is, what the pilots tri(ed) to express with their action. Symbollically dropping dead. Electronics switch off not only the cockpit instruments, but human bodies as well. Pilots fall „asleep“, not only because they are too tired after 22 hours of work, but due to electromagnetic interference into their body functions as well. What enterprises from Raytheon to Northrop Grunman to military entities developed in order to stop military adversaries unfortunately works against pilots as well. The directed energy weapons or ray guns resp. rail guns as they are called as well,  can be developed from and disguised as mobile phones and repair tools. Escalation instead of de-escalation. See also the following sources:

CRS Report for Congress Received through the CRS Web

High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and High Power Microwave (HPM) Devices: Threat Assessments




High Power Microwaves Strategic and Operational Implications for Warfare

Radios don´t need Semtex to kill. They can be used as weapons themselves. This can be the summary. For what is a danger today. And of what really came out of the Lockerbie accident investigation.

abstract - in computer assisted worlds it looks different; photographed by

abstract – in computer assisted worlds it looks different; photographed by

Today the German documentary channel phoenix aired the programme

which will be re-aired today at a quarter to 7 pm. The documentary is on the military excercise Able Archer which almost led to the nuclear destruction of the world. Escalated by deception, ambiguous orders, scripts allegedly ordering this escalation to nuclear armageddon, denying any other option and computerized systems which are programmed that way. What is more: though being declared as „excercise“ each side assumes that it isn´t and acts as such. But: when on the one hand pretending to carry out an excercise, on the other hand not believing in it and despite acting as if every action were real, than the participants are willing to kill their own population. In order to achieve their military goals they do write scripts. And they work together with assistants, humans and artificial ones – that is computer programmes. When allegedly the strict order is to escalate till nuclear destruction, then every relevant computer programme up to memory circuits will be programmed according to this military priority. Therefor computer software and steering electronics will inherit destructive programmes triggering off accidents or preventing repair whenever they are told to do so by pre-time-set. This is the logical consequence of what has been said in the documentary. On air Stanislaw Petrov is portrayed. The Russian military has saved the world. He decided not to believe in what his computers told him: that there were rockets endangering the existence of his home country requiring to fire intercontinental ballistic missiles. In contrast Stanislav Pedrov decided to go for manual override for three times and thereby hindering the missiles to destroy the US. It is this many pilots desperately are trying to do as well. They are trying to stop the pre-programmed automatism. In vain. Many times. It is this as well the pilots in Frankfurt are trying to make public, warn against and raise general awareness. This more the case as in these days anti-pilot-propaganda has prominent headlines: Hollywood has nominated a movie for the Oscar´s that is starring a pilot allegedly endangering passengers lives by being drunk. This movie should not have been nominated as it is covering up the relevance of electronic components for accidents in air travel.

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