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Struggle for water resources

has led to fierce fight in the Himalaya. What has been described as Shangri La – the last resort to flee to when end of earth will come, is being in the process of being destroyed. Indian and Chinese troops fight over rights over water. Even with means that will pollute the water and thereby making it unusable. Ice is melting, dams are planned or built.

Angela Andersen and Claus Kleber from German public television produced a documentary on this issue:

On May 2 nd 2013 I´ve presented this topic as proposal for assignments; repeating my request for assignments in 2007 on this issue.

I started my life as television reporter as fully employed journalist with ARD – DAS ERSTE based with WDR in Cologne. New York and former East Berlin for 1 1/2 years.

After having worked for the private television company metaproductions for SAT.1 I´ve been returning to WDR in order to produce as freelance journalist on assignment basis investigative international coverage of topics such as electromagnetic incompatibility of cars years befor Toyata had to call back its automobiles.

I filmed in Kazachstan for my documentary on the deconstruction of a nuclear power plant by illegal immigrents. Thus there is a long history of mine with ARD broadcast networks.

The only thing required is an assignment with a production number or a long term work contract.