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Lisbeth Salander meets Floriane Ment.

When a security expert and a journalist of the
old fashioned investigative kind fall in love;

then it is one of those rare moments
when exeptional things can occurr

especially today with magazines to cut down
travel expenses
ordering journalists to find the facts in the
making it difficult for facts to be found, let
alone the special bright and intelligent person
meeting in real life – a miracle to happen
The diplomatic phrasing of this sad reality can
be read at:

with Dan Brown
stating: „You have to take into account that in
our days you have to rush through the city of
Florence, counteract a criminal, falling in
love and end up in a hotel – and all of this
within 24 hours.“

In times of economic crisis on a European scale
it is difficult to travel in real life, making
it difficult to develop a plausible plot in the
movies – unless one wants to produce as during
the good old times.

As written in „Kleopatra“ by Michael Jürgs

for example: ISBN-10: 3471793763

Being more current news since the opening of the NSU trial and the trial on rightwing crimes committed in Luxemburg by Gladio sources.

How to find ways to circumnavigate the
restriction imposed by authorities, worsened
when by all means the publication of crimes
shall be suppressed?
Ideas and practice more than wellcome!


photographed yesterday at Hamburg by