dying bamboo – photographed by


4 th of July - American Independance Day and birthday of his Holyness the Dalai Lama
I spent on trying to save this dying bamboo. Maybe you are happy because you are seeing a new sprout emerging. This would be a fatal mistake. The bamboo desperately is fighting for survival. The dead leaves are not a sign for renewal. It is the desperate try to make people see that a thick sticky black Image

adhesive like oil hinders the plant to gain air, light and water - andtherefor doomed to die. Rain is not able to wash off the black grease.
Neither spiders, nor bees or flys can help. It is only man who have touse a towel and a toothbrush and water gently but firmly brushing off every single leave. Hopefully this helps. As the reason for the black oil is not known. If it comes by ground water, then soil and water is contaminated and endangers humans as well. Potential sources could be tar and other substances from street renewal, it could be motor oil
from cars and motor cycles, it could come from drug plants prooving
how dangerous thc is for every human being; with the danger being
multiplied by open plants who are contacted by innocent bumble bees
transporting the dangerous poison to thousands of gardens - with
citizens of Hamburg what kills their plants, especially bamboo.
It could be polluted air as well. I contacted an expert I am knowing
from my interview on the poisoning of Uwe Barschel from AKTE98. I
sent samples of dead leaves, the towel I used for cleaning the still
living plant, leaves from the plant and cleansed leaves -
unfortunately the analysis is too expensive. So we will not know
what is causing the death. The only thing we can do, is carefully
brushing off every single leave and hope, the poison is not in the
soil and ground water and thereby continuisely polluting.
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