These three dead bumble-bees did not know what they were landing on – bamboo but with thick black grease on it as motor oil – they died.

What poisoned bamboo and bees unfortunately no lab has analyzed so far. In case it should turn out that it is the irresponsible growing of THC-bearing plants in the wilderness that crosses into „civil“ plants and then killing them with the thick layer of deadly tar, it would be one argument more to finally forbid the growing of such plants. They are deadly. To plants that is to say of living beings (see newest studies – see below – proposal for nobel prize) and to animals. Maybe they are one grave stone to our honey bees. Bee masters all over Europa have been complaining against the massive dying of bees which cause until now has not been solved. Millions of bees are approaching the tared plants. And die in masses. And: it is, the humans who are eating the honey, contaminated with the substances. Other animals die as well. All are unwillingly get in contact with the poisonous substance. Thousands innocent humans are against their will and their knowledge contaminated. Time to stopp it!