Perfection and elegance at the Hamburg trade fair
Assignments as these and travel to destinations as this ones I used to do for years – combining travel with investigative reporting; about women in India and Pakistan for example.
Since 2009 this has been cut off for to me unknown reasons. I didn´t receive any invitations any more. No travel, no offer, not even a reply to my offering of topics. Since then I have been asking: who received my mail? Were has all the mail landed that was supposed to be for me? Were are all the assignments? Were are the responses of publishing houses and broadcast stations?
SPIEGEL ONLINE is reporting in its current edition about postal mail for the German election having gone lost on a large scale:

The very same happened to me.

I didn´t receive the official election postal mail. I went to the elections – but – as many people mentioned in the SPIEGEL article I am wondering what really happened to my vote. And: is there a confirmation that one has voted? Comparable to the mark when having entered a disco. This isn´t a guarantuee that the vote is not destroyed, but at least one has the impression to possess the registration confirmation.

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Susanne Härpfer (that´s my real name by birth) (that´s my e-mail address)