„Is this a Tom Clancy movie“, the passenger on board of Lufthansa plane to Miami asked. It was 911 and we didn´t know it. I was on assignment with German „Milchstraßenverlag“ publishing house in order to visit US Air Force bases and cover weather modification techniques for the magazine. Were were bound for Miami where an anti-Tornado unit was stationed when the cockpit made the announcement:

„America is under attack. The airport is closed down. All planes are to be grounded, no plane is allowed to land. We are to return back. All borders are closed. Again: America is under attack.“


„Is this a Tom Clancy movie?“ It could have been. It was a real life OP-Center setting. The movie of my life did not make it to Tom Clancy. He died on the very same moment, when I was stuck at the Hamburg Amtsgericht court with stubborn officials who refused to read for which they even had asked for – after having sentenced me to jail. Injustice and Hartz IV poverty DDR-style jail for Germans instead of travelling and international reporting. Farewell.



Mr. Clancy, says Susanne Härpfer

still desperately asking for journalistic re-assignment


photo & text by: Susanne Härpfer