Why do TESLA cars burst in flames?

It is why that TESLA cars are set on fire? This is the [ignition] key question.

Why not start looking for the answer at the roll call

It´s TESLA who discovered the alternating current.
His name is aquivalent for magnetism.
Nikolas Tesla held more than 700 patents, part of which can be looked up via

Electromagnetic Motor, electric arc lamp, electric generator, means for

increasing electrical oscillations, method of utilization of radiant energy, method

of utilizing effects transmitted through natural media, apparatus for aerial

transportation are some of TESLA´s patents. He invented drones, mobile phone,

fax and the base for gps.

TIME Magazine
honoured him with the cover
Juli 20 th in 1931.

Having a look
triggers off further questions:

It is now that Tesla could make it Man fo the Year.
His ideas on currents are more current than ever befor. ^
In his own words can be read in German on his high frequency experiments

ISBN 3-89539-240-5
His inventions ISBN 3-89539-241-3
alternating current and high frequency ISBN 3-89539-242-1
Energy transfer and radio ISBN 3-89539-243-X
Medical technology ISBN 3-89539-244-8
Weapons´technology ISBN 3-89539-245-6
published by Ulrich Heerd „Nikola Tesla. His work. Six volumes. Edition Tesla,

Michaels-Publishing house, Peiting 2002, ISBN 3-89539-247-2.

In English, Tesla can be read at:
Glenn, Jim, The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla, 1994. ISBN

Trinkaus, George TESLA: The Lost Inventions, High Voltage Press, 2002. ISBN

Tesla, Nikola, „My Inventions“ Parts I through V published in the Electrical

Experimenter monthly magazine from February through June 1919. Part VI

published October 1919. Reprint edition with introductory notes by Ben

Johnson, New York: Barnes and Noble, 1982; also online at Lucid Cafe, et

cetera as My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla, 1919. ISBN

These original, technical publications are essential as for a long time his

competitors managed to oust him into obscurity. Esoteric publishing houses

were the only ones publishing him which kept him being unknown.

Time to change this.
The incidents occurring with Tesla cars are the opportunity to remind and

Man of the Year

Born at the Austrian-Hungarian frontier [Croatia] in 1856 emigrating to New

An important part of his experiments were carried out at Colorado Springs.
Headquarter of the North American Aerospace defense command
receiving the alerts at September 11 th in 2001.
Tesla wanted to stop war for ever with the help of his tech inventions, especially

by remote transfer of energy – by remote control. Peace by remote control.

In reality Tesla created the perfect weapon.
His electronic triggers and energy transfer over distances made it possible to

destroy the world – years befor Albert Einstein. Tesla developed the switch to cut

out the atom bomb – long befor the atomic bomb was invented.

The museum at Belgrade exhibits his work – part of it can be read and watched

at its nobel looking homepage:


N. Tesla: Tesla perfecting a war engine: – Republician, St. Louis, 1. V 1898.

A new issue of Margaret Cheney´s book has been published recently. The book

made it into the FBI files on Tesla – available in the internet as well.

The author quotes a contempory reporter stating that wars of the future will be

lead by electric waves instead of conventional explosives.

The base for this is Tesla´s first patent on wireless transfer of energy.

One century befor w-lan has been invented Tesla demonstrated how to produce

energy at one location leading to effects at long distances.

By this,  rooms can be luminated. The very same technology can be used to

switch off every light forever.

The Tesla museum at Belgrade summarizes:
„In his autobiography „My Inventions,“ Tesla mentions the invention of the

high-voltage transmitter as his „best invention“. The high-voltage transmitter is a

converter producing voltages of several million volts. It was adjusted to induce

the Earth, which Tesla considered to be an excellant conductor, through which

the energy could be transmitted to any point on the planet.“

End of the world on a daily basis at regular hours – the museum´s website


In October 1919 Tesla warns: too much electricity in the air can lead to

balloons exploding.

Tesla investigated a spectacular accident.
According to Tesla the navy´s radio ignited the spark which caused a

„Goodyear“-balloon to set fire and exploded bursting with flames into a bank at

The 911 scenario – a century befor the actual terror attack.

The accident Tesla looked into occurred in a similiar way as the spectacular

accident of the „Hindenburg“.
The German zeppelin burnt while landing at Lakehurst Naval Air Station.
Several theories exist why the „Hindenburg“ exploded. One of them says it were

sparks ignitting the balloon.

Lieut. F. S. Mason at “Great Lakes Naval Training Station” denies the allegation.

Tesla reminded the public how he set a whole quarter into darkness by using his

generator/oscillator – twelve miles away from the catastrophic result.

“In Colorado I drew 1-inch sparks between my body and an iron pipe buried in

the ground about 100 feet from the laboratory. I think it perfectly practicable to

produce an explosion by wireless designedly at a considerable distance from a

wireless transmitter, and I look upon the accident as very likely having been due

to some such cause.”

A sensation.
In 1919 Tesla developed the principle that is valid till today and in use, e.g.

while carrying out the attack on Lebanese Minister president Hariri – by remote

The same technology soldiers in Afghanistan protect them against electronic

Tesla describes the basic principle in physics.
Valid worldwide. Over centuries. The consequences worsen, the more

electricity air contains, the more a whole range of different electronic ignitters

are operated in an uncontrolled manner. Frequencies interfering with one

another and intensifying each other, interacting with one another and natural

sources, leading to materials becoming electrostatic with catastrophic

It takes a spark to ignite and trigger off a catastrophe.
Tesla experimented in a wooden shack. Electrotecnical engineers, experts for

electromagnetic incompatibility and terror  fear electronic triggers which are

not identifyable as weapon – switching off the light; literally.
„Zapping of America“ the New York journalist Paul Brodeur warned.

USA switched off.

Insider recognize the Hollywood´s movie´s scenario: „Project Peacemaker“.
„I am a Serb, I am Croatian“ the protagonist declares before heading for New
York. The movie with George Clooney distracts from electronics to
conventional nukes.
Tesla´s exceeded such plans. He descovered how to put the planet into
darkness – without using any radioactive particle.
EMP – electromagnetic pulse – without atom bomb.
The end of civilisation basing on electricity.
Burning Tesla cars could be the warning signal.
Last warning.
whether electronic cars really are the best choice.
Comparable to the zeppelin crashing burning into the Bank of Chicago.
Befor „Hindenburg“ crashed burning in May 6 th 1937. Setting the world on
fire. World war instead of peace worldwide.
written by: Susanne.Haerpfer@bits.de