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„Der Krieg gegen den Terror erschuf erst die Feinde.“  Zu diesem zentralen und allgemein gültigen Film kommt der Film „Schmutzige Kriege“, den Tagesschau24 heute zeigt:


Dirty tricks creates enemies where there has been peace befor. This vital conclusion has been drawn in a documentary made for or by the foundation of Sundance Festival. It shows the context of Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, but it is true for less exotic places such as Germany. Under the pretext people might get in a situation where they might be faced with violence, such violence is artificially created – out of nothing. Turning peaceful people in hurt ones, looking for revenge. Especially in Germany, as one would expect respect of law, order and justice. But when all this is violated by those who should guard and protect it, then every faith is lost. If it is the protectors who commit the crimes, where to go to? It is preciseley this what has happened and still is happening. And it is this mechanism that should be made clear in order to recognize it as such, also by those who think they are not envolved, whereas they are already stuck in the middle. White collars very much so. Dirty tricks create wars.