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Balayem, eldest of the Tasaday – inhabitants of the last prestine rain forrest left in Mindanao [Philippines] – if this last PRISTINE rain forrest were to be logged, it would be gone for ever. No forrestation project can bring back the variety of plants, animals and mcroroganism living in an original rain forrest. To preserve this important natural place of living, the lung not only of the Philippines, but of our world, has been the work of photo-reporter John Nance.

The first day of New Year always is the day for remembrance

and looking into future.

It is just by coincidence, by browsing the search engine of google, that I discovered the unforgettable

        JOHN NANCE

has died. And this already in 2010!

And nobody informed me. Or, worse, my friends, colleagues and the relatives tried to inform me, but all postal mail and all e-mails are grabbed

as since 2009 for unknown reasons the only voice on my answering machine has been the voice of my mother, which, for a journalist who is 49 years old, is not what you would expect. Who is the gangster who is committing the horrible crime, how can he/she be stopped, punished, and how can I get my life back as I am used to????


This is an urgent request! Befor it is too late. Every day people are dieing who belong to my life, but we can not reach each other because the to me unknown criminal is transferring every gift, every travel, every production number fo a television station, every postal mail, every e-mail, every phone call, every news to someone else, wherea I am forced to struggle to fight for survival, being gased every single day, being mistreated with directed energy, and the only mail I am receiving are horrible juristic letters from bureaucracy, which doesn´t have anything at all to do with my life as an investigative international reporter. So: who is the criminal behind this? How can he/she be identified and stopped? Befor it is too late.

Mourning for photo-reporter John Nance.