Niagara falls iced; copyright:

Niagara falls iced; copyright: in the 90´s

Extreme Kälte in Kanada und den USA.

Anlaß für mich folgende Fragen zu stellen.

Als gläserne Recherche, work in progress stelle ich meine Fragen online – gedacht ist dies als pitching-Text, damit Redaktionen mir eine Auftragsbestätigung mit Produktionsnummer, Finanzierung und Veröffentlichungsplattform bieten bzw. crowd-financing mir dieses ermöglichen:

Dear Sirs

With extreme freezing of America how do you comment on the cause of it?

In 2001 I was assigned to cover weather modification techniques for German Jahreszeitenverlag. Unfortunately the publishing house booked me on a flight heading for Miami on September 11 th 2001, thus the plane was not allowed to enter the US. On board we were told: America is under attack. No passenger plane was about to land, we had to return to Germany immediately, the granted interviews at the airforce bases were in vain for years. With the current extreme weather worldwide and in the US I would like to revive the topic, if there is an opportunity with yours?

I do hope that you are still existing and not belonging to the victims of the crash attack on 911. Can you comment on how you experienced the day of the attacks? What happened?

Has the extreme coldness been caused by weather modification techniques? By accident? Or on purpose? If so by which ones? By whom? For which reasons? As a means of weather enhancement? Against global warming? A measure gone wrong? As hostile means? By whom? As terror attack? By whom? How do you comment on weather modification?

According to Homeland Security Newswire



R&D with Darpa developed black ice on demand for use in and against Irak.

With such technology existing,

Did such phenomenae emerge in the US? If so where, when, how, why, with which consequences? Were it side effects when developing the black ice, described by Darpa?

Did the counter parts (from Irak) which were to be effected by the Darpa-black ice, use it themselves? In the US? Against their US counter parts?

As warning, threat, terror, attack?

How would you explain the current coldness in Canada and the US?

Is it a side effect of the black ice-development and further weather enhancement methods, leading to nature trying to counter act, trying to balance what has been going out of balance? A documentary by German zdfinfo aired these days states that extreme weather can be explained as balance.

Would you describe the movie „Arctic blast“ as documentary? As ficiton based on facts? Were facts declared as secret, NATO cosmic, or comparable? By which means such secrecy is executed? Are “cold as ice-comments, commands, verbal murder used against those who try to publish what has been declared non-public?

The technology shown in the movie, ICBM´s sent to mesophere for triggering off lightnings – is this the result of side effects being observed after centuries of ballistic tests occurring? Do military excercises, ballistic blasts. Missile defence interfere with the balance of mesophere, with the balance of lightning, of electromagnetic waves, particles exchange between sun and magnetic field of the earth, hampering natural weather and causing what is commonly known as climate change?

An increase of ionized particles in air and atmospere interfering with electronics as well as with weather? Leading to the danger of an emp, even without radiated particles?

Arc-tic blast.

As side effect.

As lethal non lethal weapon.

With huge interest I have been reading the yearbooks by WMO on weather modification.

Taal volcano photographed in the Philippines by susanne.haerpfer add

Taal volcano photographed in the Philippines by susanne.haerpfer add

With Haiyan devastating an area of the Philippines I used to film at as tv journalist; I am herewith requesting information on the issue:

have there been multinational consultations involving Philippinenes, as well as Japan, South China, Burma, Indonesia/Moluccan Straits and Vietnam on potential negative side effects of weather modification/enhancement techniques applied in the Malacca Straits Region, the South China Sea region, the Mindanao/Davao-Zuli-sea-region, and if so which by whom with which (in between) results)?

Have there consultations taken place – on an international scale, on a regional scale whether there are weather enhancement techniques applied voluntarily as a means in the regional conflict in the Straits of Malacca, the Zulu Archipeology (as far as the Malaysian-Zulu conflict is concerned) by state or non state actors? If so which ones? Who? The region is of interest as far as geo-interests is concerned as well as oil related, fish industry related, as well as tourism, logging and others – contradicting the ecnomic interests of the specific investors and government resp. family driven entities in the region.

All satellites are controlled from here

All satellites are controlled from here: Shriever AFB –

Would there be US interests involved as far as counteracting the (side) effects of potential negative effects of the weather modification excercises carried out in the Philippines – as described in detail in your yearbooks.

Subic bay still is a US base and thus can be regarded as extraterritorial area within the region. The same would be true for the US aircraft carriers staying in international waters near the coastline of Malacca Straits and/or Philippine/Zulu sea. Thus a potential threat of Subic or the US aircraft carries could be regarded as an hostile act by a state or non state actor leading to escalation of the current hostilities in the region as visible by the US-Japanese excersises in the area. Thus the current taifun, if driven by weather enhancement techniques as used befor from Philippine ground and/or from foreign nations such as Malaysia or Thailand could lead to escalation till war.

Are conflict de-escalation talks carried out currently? If so, which further information could be obtained? If not, why, resp. when is it considered to take place?

thank you very much in advance.

Yours sincerely

Susanne Haerpfer