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with the search for Malaysian plane still lingering on,
it´s time to remind at potential interferences that occurr within aviation – not necessarily t h e explanation for what has happened, but solid information in order to ask the right questions, just as the people from NTSB would do as well.

While visiting the aviation fair at Hamburg the booth for RFID [radio frequency identification] explained how to use the technology for scanning purposes. It is designed for scanning which items have been sold during duty free offer from the tray.
technology usually works on a broader scale. Thus, with Chaos Computer Club ccc having demonstrated how insecure the RFID tags in passports are, it is time to ask:
What if….:
Passengers on board use their notebooks, for not scanning the bottles in the tray, but as well passports of all passengers, where they bought their T-shirts, where they´ve been, etc.

Or even going further with pinging at every single circuit, component of a plane that can be adressed. Originally a technology meant for making aviation faster and safer, it can be used right the opposite.

„Der Geist ist aus der Flasche“ – the spirit joins the ghost out of the bottle – a djin – (Arabic for ghost) can´t be pressed back into where it all started.
The next case of “avia conversia” emerges.